Fundamentals of WCS' Public Site Search Infrastructure

Webcenter Sites ships with Apache Lucene.

Apache Lucene drives:

  • Asset-oriented search within the Contributor UI. This is automatically set up by default on an standard install. Users can enable / disable it on a per asset type basis as needed.
  • Asset-oriented search through a WCS-driven website's search box (or any equivalent feature). Developers must implement website-specific search logic; WCS provides a very basic API for this purpose.

In this post, we will focus on the fundamental aspects regarding Lucene-driven asset-oriented search in WCS-...

The Seven Dwarfs of Data On-boarding in Splunk

In my time working with and using Splunk, I have learned a few tricks and tips to make the Splunk experience even better. This post assumes you are familiar with a few Splunk keywords. If you are having trouble following along, take a look at this link and look up the terms: If you have never seen Splunk before, I suggest taking a look at the Splunk Tutorial to familiarize yourself with the product: ...

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