SystemEvent Not Running in Oracle WebCenter Sites

System Events in WebCenter Sites are very useful for running elements in the background without any user intervention. They are registered in the SystemEvents table and can point to any SiteCatalog entry or SiteEntry asset. Sometimes you're sure it has been registered properly but for some reason it just isn't running. You tried setting the logger "com.fatwire.logging.cs.event" to DEBUG and all events are running just fine except for yours, which doesn't appear in the logs at all. If your event is pointing to a SiteEntry instead of a SiteCatalog entry, chances are the information below...

Fundamentals of WCS' Public Site Search Infrastructure

Webcenter Sites ships with Apache Lucene.

Apache Lucene drives:

  • Asset-oriented search within the Contributor UI. This is automatically set up by default on an standard install. Users can enable / disable it on a per asset type basis as needed.
  • Asset-oriented search through a WCS-driven website's search box (or any equivalent feature). Developers must implement website-specific search logic; WCS provides a very basic API for this purpose.

In this post, we will focus on the fundamental aspects regarding Lucene-driven asset-oriented search in WCS-...

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