Data Model Acceleration Enforcement

Data Model Acceleration Enforcement

We have seen a few customers run into the following "gotcha" regarding data model acceleration.  Whether it be for temporary or permanent reasons, a user disables acceleration on a data model, which myesteriously is re-enabled after a restart.  To counter this, a feature called Data Model Acceleration Enforcement allows administrators to lock acceleration.  This feature is found under "Setting" > "Data Models."  Here’s how it works:

Through the user interface:

I will be using one of the default...

Accelerated Data Models in a Distributed Splunk Environment

Splunk v6.0.1 is packed with new features that enhance the user experience and can provide useful, lightning fast reports. For a full overview of the new features check out this link: Splunk 6!

One of the new features that provide users the ability to build exceptionally fast reports is data models. Users can use the structure provided by the data models to create pivot tables, all without knowing Splunk’s search language. Pivot users select the data model they are interested in, then point and click their...

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