Full Name: 
Kevin Chu
Washington, DC

Kevin is a consultant here at Function1, with experience in deploying and maintaining UNIX and Windows based server environments. He also has a strong background in datacenter and infrastructure operations, and brings these skills to wherever creative problem solving is needed. As appearances can often be deceiving, Kevin is built for motion, and loves traveling be it by plane, train, or automobile.

University of Maryland
Operational Intelligence
Prior Experience: 

Datacenter, VoIP and Telecom

Areas of Expertise: 

Splunk *nix and Windows server administration


Though he's naturally a bit on the quiet side, Kevin strives to solve problems for those around him. There's a special sense of satisfaction that comes from fixing things, and luckily the IT world provides a near limitless source. Outside of the IT world, Kevin has a not so hidden interest in dark ales, and cruising the back roads of whatever part of the country he's in...although never at the same time.

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IOS or Android: 
Favorite Sports Team: 
Baltimore Orioles
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