Splunking Twitch

Twitch has transformed the live streaming industry by revolutionizing the process of user broadcasting and real-time audience interaction. At 15 Million daily visitors, Twitch has grown to one of the largest sources of internet traffic. With the massive amount of information being shared in Twitch, we asked ourselves the age-old question: Can it be Splunked?

The short answer is: yes. Using Twitch's API we are able to gain access to a plethora of information. To start, however, we look at a single API endpoint and see just...

Jazzing Up Your Dashboards: Dynamic Drilldown 101

Time and time again, our customers find the most value in Splunk when they can visualize their data. By using the tokenization of certain fields, customers have the ability to drilldown into certain elements of their data. Drilling down into maps, charts, and graphs within the same dashboard, gives customers the ability to pinpoint problems and solutions quickly and efficiently. Now that Splunk utilizes simple XML for dashboard design, jazzing up your dashboards is easier than ever before!

Using sample data, I will walk you through some of these dynamic features below.


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