Meet the Slack App for Splunk

We're excited to announce the release of our new Slack App for Splunk! The Slack App for Splunk helps to gain insight into your company’s Slack environment.

The app seamlessly monitors your team's Slack activity by leveraging the Slack App for Splunk’s modular inputs. The messages generated in your public Slack channels are collected and indexed into Splunk, ready for reporting!

The Slack App for Splunk also provides prebuilt dashboards for Slack monitoring. The app effortlessly track metrics including: where and how often your users are logging in and what channels are being...

Work from Home Hacks: 7 Telecommuting Productivity Boosters

It’s no surprise that telecommuting continues to steadily rise with the promise of flexibility and cost-efficiency resonating among employees and employers alike. For employees, the benefits of working remotely are pretty obvious: eliminating a long commute; wardrobe savings; and availability for family, to name a few. But, what’s in it for employers?  Besides the tangible allure of savings in real estate-related costs, businesses that offer the ability to work from home benefit from an increased level of...

Connecting the Puzzle Pieces: Ensuring Better Management, Organization, and Tracking for Every Team

No matter how small or large a team, enabling a methodology to understand "Who does what" can greatly improve process, organization, project management, and teaming structures. One of the most versatile tools for a team - outside of its staff and their expertise - is a roles and responsibilities chart. This kind of charting yields performance improvement and often can be an easy to create and easy to follow tool. 
Although there are a multitude of different models for organizations and teams to visually map out a roles and responsibilities chart, this post focuses...

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