Using GIT to Manage Splunk

Does your Splunk team struggle with managing and coordinating configuration changes to your Splunk Enterprise deployment? Do all of your Splunk administrators use a single system account to modify files? Have you had to merge changes from a swap file into your serverclass.conf file?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some tips for you regarding how to leverage version control system (VCS) software on Splunk configurations - making life easier for your team. Note that using version control is not meant as a backup storage for Splunk configurations; but rather...

Cool Tools Part XVII: Heroku

You know that we at Function1 can help you out with all of your Plumtree/AquaLogic/WebCenter needs. That's not all we do though, and we hope to show you some of that on this blog.

Recently, we were building an employee review site for a client. We made the decision to build it in Ruby on Rails. If there is interest, I'll do a later post talking about what Rails is or it's merits. While we were developing the application, we were looking for a way to rapidly deploy changes we made to the application so the client could use it and stumbled upon...

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