Cutting Risk in Half with Multi-Factor Authentication

We rely on usernames and passwords to access various systems throughout the technology world - from laptops to bank accounts, from cloud storage to blogs - our accounts are protected by these authentication mechanisms. It is easy to forget the importance of these account credentials, until it is too late - if a username and password are breached, an unauthorized user can erase, view, and copy highly sensitive data.


Our Whitepaper, Cutting Risk in Half, explores the different methods and real life examples of how much risk...

Risky Business

What’s a risk? How does one manage risks?  What is the best method to track risks for a project?  Is there a standard categorization to use?  What is the difference between a risk and an issue?  The list goes on and on.

Risk management can be tricky, but having some sort of process on how to manage risks for any project in your organization is extremely important.  Identifying, prioritizing and addressing risks for a project, is a fundamental principle that shouldn't be overlooked. If not properly addressed, it can result in slipped schedules...

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