Using WLST in portal restart script

There's probably a variety of procedures that folks use for starting services for distributed applications. At one of our current clients, we have a central Windows batch file that restarts the various portal components that are deployed across several Windows servers. The portal services were being restarted using the Service Controller command ('sc') to start each service on its respective server. For instance, Automation Server was started with something like this:

sc \automation_host_name start "ptautomationserver"

Using the Service Controller to...

Some cool project

It is a thrill being a team member on a project that includes creative team members who aren’t shy of exploring unique avenues to achieve the project’s objectives.  Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t taking elusive risks with potential greater expense just to plug in our resumes that we ventured into bleeding edge technologies.  The team’s objective is to push the Oracle WebCenter Interaction technology to its fullest potential to meet the project’s requirements.  So what are we trying to do?  Well, since this blog site is, for the most part, about Oracle WebCenter Interaction (you didn’t...

A Webcenter Interaction 10gR3 install and an Oracle 11g Database walk into a bar

Error accessing database! Check your config files and verify that your database is correctly scripted.

It's 2 AM, and these are not exactly the calm and soothing words you want to be seeing from PTSpy after a clean, fresh  install of your WCI portal. It is frustrating, it is alarming, and above all else, did I mention it is 2 AM?  The prospect of re-scripting a database by hand is just ever so slightly upsetting.  So we look at little deeper at the Spy log:

Exception in thread "Main Thread" com.plumtree.openkernel.exceptions.OKSQLException...

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