The Open Front Door to your Data - Announcing a White Paper by Function1

Generations ago, documents and prized objects were hidden from the public, secured in the safes of many homes, offices, banks, and institutions. Under close protection, as well as under lock and key, this tangible-data was protected from unauthorized parties through the implementation of time-tested procedures. 

As the world changed and technology improved, the methodology for approaching and securing this data changed as well. In our February 2015 White Paper, Protecting the CIA, we discussed the importance in protecting the...

Red Hat Storage Server, an Innovative Hybrid Storage Solution for Big Data

Big Data surrounds us all, in some shape or form. Typically Big Data (billions or trillions of vast and complex records) is so large, that it requires new and powerful computational resources to process and store. These gigantic sets of data can be analyzed to comprehend patterns, associations, trends, and statistics that help better understand user experience, human behavior, interactions, engagement, etc.

Big Data analysis, such as the services offered by our Function1 Operational Intelligence team, can be provided for a range of industries including but not limited to: financial...

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