Growing your Splunk Deployment


Growth.  It's important in so many aspects of our lives; from our careers, health, and relationships.  The famed motivational, self-help guru Tony Robbins says that beyond our basic needs, we need growth and giving back in order to truly be fulfilled.  In addition to adding to ourselves, sometimes growth requires us to rebuild a portion of ourselves.  Well, Splunk is no different.  In order for it to keep it's self-esteem high, it also needs to grow. In this blog post I wanted to cover a process to expand the number of indexers in an existing Splunk deployment while also...

Trimming Down your Splunk Indexer Storage with TSIDX Retention Settings

Hi everyone.  Today I wanted to cover the tsidx retention feature that was released in Splunk version 6.4.  This feature helps you reduce the storage costs for your indexer while maintaining actively searchable data.  Also in this blog, I wanted to try a new format and convey the information in an FAQ style.  Please leave a comment if you found the new format helpful for learning about tsidx retention.

Tsidx File Fundamentals

First let's cover some fundamentals about tsidx files.

Q. What is a tsidx file?
A. Tsidx stands for "time-series index" file.  It's...

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