Splunk Alerts in Slack!

Here at Function1 we use Slack in order to stay in constant contact with our co-workers. If you haven't heard of Slack before, Slack is a team chat and communication tool. We use it to talk about our projects, company announcements, sports, random water cooler talk, technical questions, etc. Slack has integration built-in with a lot of services. We rely heavily on the GitHub, Asana, and Twitter integrations, but they have many others.
Since we do a lot of Splunk development for our own projects and our clients, we thought, "...

Distributed Management Console: Monitoring your deployment


So you did it. You early adopter you! You love having the latest and greatest Splunk Enterprise has to offer and upgraded to Splunk Enterprise 6.2. The new UI is snazzy, the new regex field extractor wizard is magical, the Search Head Clustering feature is what we've all been waiting for, and how about that savvy new App bar display? And that is not all Splunk Enterprise 6.2 has to offer. Here’s the situation: you are on your Splunk 6.2 instance and you navigate over to the settings drop-down and...

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