Collecting Data from ServiceNow in Splunk

Let's discuss how to collect data from your ServiceNow instance in Splunk. First, what is ServiceNow? ServiceNow is a maker of service management software that can be on-prem or in the cloud. Organizational use of ServiceNow ranges from standard IT help desk ticketing systems to legal service management. These organizations may want to collect data from their ServiceNow instance for security auditing or operational awareness of their deployment. ServiceNow exposes a REST API that can be used to extract this data.


In our...

Creating Oracle JET Modules as Assets in Oracle WebCenter Sites

Before You Begin

This blog post assumes you already have experience creating modules in Oracle JET. If not, be sure to work through this Getting Started tutorial:


Oracle JET modules usually consist of two files that reside on the file system: the HTML view and the Javascript viewModel. These can be a bit cumbersome to maintain, especially once you start creating lots of modules and/or if you're working on a clustered...

Big News in Project Management!

As recently as this past September, Congress passed a new bill called the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA). This is HUGE as it truly exemplifies and solidifies the importance of Project Management in ANY organization. So what is this bill, you ask?

Well, it is going to bring the private sector standards and best practices, basically using the Project Management Institute’s standards for Project Management, to the Federal Government. This legislation will do the following:

• Adopt and oversee implementation of government-wide standards, policies,...

Back Door to Modify an Out-of-the-Box Element When You Only Have Access to the UI

Quite often you need to modify an out-of-the-box element in Oracle WebCenter Sites to either make a change or add some debug code.  Also just as often we don't actually have the access we need to modify said element because it is a simple Element Catalog element and we only have access to the UI.

Do not fret, there is a little trick you can use to gain access to the element for modification.  Simply wrap it with a CSElement.  

If you create a CSElement and give it the full name of the element you are trying to modify it will magically hook up to the actual code.


Reducing Click Counts for WebCenter Sites Users

Click-iddy Click Click Click
The usability of a system can and will effect the level of satisfcation that users feel when working with it. This will impact the initial adoption of a new system injected into a workplace as well as the overall satisfaction with it over time. In the case of WebCenter Sites, as an Adminstrator, it is to your advantage to reduce click counts during content authoring and system use thus keeping contributors working effeciently. This goes a long way towards staving off resentment and the feeling of being "stuck" with a system.
This is Soooooo Annoying!...

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