How Function1 Works With Distributed Teams

At Function1, we have many employees who work remotely, from different countries and time zones compared to where our main offices are located. Of course, sometimes travel is necessary, and our teams come together to complete projects with clients onsite or due to security restrictions on remote work, to name a few reasons. I, personally, have only been to our Toronto office - the one closest to me - once in several years. Even with the differences in time zones and locations, we have no issues communicating with other team members and clients, and hitting milestones on all of our...

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform: Magento vs. Drupal Commerce

There is an array of e-commerce platforms to choose from and it can be a daunting task selecting the most feasible solution.  So in this blog I’ll explore Magento versus Drupal Commerce. But worth noting early on that the decision is not mutually exclusive as few e-commerce sites are hybrid solutions integrating the best of the two platforms:  Drupal serving as a content management system while leveraging Magento’s robust e-commerce features.


Magento comes in two flavors: a free open-source community edition and a paid subscription based enterprise edition costing roughly $...

Great Expectations: Best Practices for Ensuring a Successful Client Engagement

In my experience, one of the most important and challenging tasks for any project is to set and manage the expectations of the customer from project initiation to delivery. Throughout the project life cycle, expectations should be monitored and managed to ensure a successful engagement. 

I know that sometimes it’s hard not knowing exactly what to do and it can take some trial and error to figure out what works best.  I’ve realized that the first thing to figure out is when these disconnects can occur.  Once that is ironed out, one can work through ideas on how to prevent them in the...

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