Site Visitor Service: Turning John Doe to John Smith

With the introduction of WebCenter Sites 12c (WCS) came a new friend, the Site Visitor Service (SVS). Due to the increasing importance of providing a personalized experience, the management of visitor profiles in a website, has become a critical piece of the puzzle. 

Let’s get into it; what is SVS? SVS is not a CRM, nor is it replacing Engage. SVS is a separate web application deployed along with WCS that has its own database. SVS is a framework that provides an integration point to other modules or applications that manage visitor profiles. It is an API that standardizes the code...

Raising the Usability Ante with Card Sorting

If your company has a website, you've probably heard the “Usability” buzzword (your site's ease of use) thrown around a lot with the popularity of user-center design – with studies showing its direct correlation to increased ROI.

The objective of any website is to facilitate marketing conversions, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or lead generation via email/web form (to name a few). In order for your target audience to complete these conversions, it’s...

Rallying the Troops: Getting Your Team Ready for WebCenter Sites

Making the decision to migrate your platform over to WebCenter Sites is a big decision. It takes a great deal of research, planning, and time to ensure a smooth transition. Often times Web Experience Management teams, like ours at Function1, are brought in during these transition times to provide the expertise, experience, and skill necessary to customize the platform to the organization's needs. As the project nears the point of hand-off, clients are faced with a new challenge: Utilizing and Managing WCS on their own.

Like being tossed the keys to your first car after passing your...

Video Tutorial: Creating a Block of Related Content with Views in Drupal 7

From news to commerce sites, developers often find themselves in the position of needing to display related content - and for good reason! In UX, leveraging related posts is regarded as a best practice. It isn't hard to see why when you consider the associated benefits:

increased user browsing time reduced bounce rates bolstered interlinking, which drives SEO  conversion of organic search traffic into direct traffic

In Drupal, we can create a block of related content easily using the views module. This tutorial was executed in Drupal 7, however, the instructions are virtually the...

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