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Reduce Obscurity with Function1 Data Security Consultants.

People, process, and technology are the pillars upon which effective security programs are built. These focus areas drive the development of the solutions we deliver to our clients, and are the means by which we manage our own security posture. Function1 consultants help clients to address their security concerns, meet security compliance requirements, and ultimately achieve peace of mind.

Our staff includes auditors and ethical hackers with a great deal of experience reviewing system infrastructure and applications to identify areas of weakness. Our consultants are often asked by our clients to exploit weaknesses to illustrate the damage that could be done by malicious actors. We use this information to advise our clients in strategic and tactical cybersecurity areas, to include policy development, risk assessments, security monitoring and security program development.

Function1 leverages industry standard approaches to risk and security management. These include the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and supporting special publications, the SANS Top 20 Security Controls, and the OWASP Top 10. We support clients with established security programs, and clients seeking to formalize, coordinate and build on their cybersecurity efforts.

At Function1, our work is not based on jargon and buzzwords. We spend our time using established, widely accepted engineering and cybersecurity principles to help our clients realize tangible improvements to their security posture.

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