About Us

We are a software company specializing in enterprise technology. Founded in 2007, we deliver our products, world-class services, customized solutions, and timely support across all sectors of industry.


Our team takes pride in delivering an amazing professional service to all of our clients. Whether it is product deliverables or aid in risk management we provide consulting services across the enterprise software spectrum.


Thinking up, developing, and deploying some of the best software for an enterprise, our products have all been built with both the end user and the administrator in mind.


We are always on the lookout for dynamic individuals to bring to the team. As part of the Function1 team you can expect flexible work options, great benefits, and competitive salaries.

Metastratus and Function1 Join Forces

Why Us

We believe that technology exists to help people put their ideas into action. Our consultants work closely with customers to understand their needs and augment industry leading software – rounding the rough edges, improving efficiency, and ultimately making it easy and enjoyable to use. Our solutions deploy faster, cost less, and are far more usable than standard deployments because of this.
Function1 delivers broad industry experience to your project. Our combined talent and years of experience in enterprise software deployment can help you get better value from your technology investment.
Asmaller team and focused attention means you see efficient and effective results. We use the latest technology to streamline our own operations for cost effective performance.
Customer satisfaction is our main goal. In order to reach this goal we provide clear communication and a fast turnaround time that does not compromise the quality of our work.
Technology issues can affect many different aspects of your business. Our team members are not only technology professionals but also business professionals, so we are able to give you a full picture outlook and strategy for your organization.