Open Energy White Paper

Energy usage dashboards have been used in energy competitions across North America. Why? Because sharing energy consumption publicly has been shown to be a great promoter of consumer behavior. Results between 5% and 20% are typical but reductions of 30% and higher have been achieved!

The issues lie in cost and visibility. The Open Energy project looks to address both of these blockers by eliminating licensing costs and putting the data in the most visible place you have, your website.

This white paper provides an overview of Open Energy, its components, and a use case scenario for its implementation. Open Energy provides a free alternative to proprietary energy dashboards via open source technologies like Drupal.

Drupal is one of the world’s largest and most successful open source software projects. It powers more than a million websites, and has a community on over one million strong. At its core, Drupal includes robust content management features: integrated social-publishing capabilities and management for multiple website environments, such as multilingual sites, microsites, and intranets.

Now, with Open Energy, Drupal can serve all of these needs and act as an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) at the same time.

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