Beware The Analytics 2.1 Bug: Selecting Communities

In Analytics, there aren't many options to filter the reports well - some reports allow filtering on a user property, some on an auth source, and some on communities.

It's the latter one that I found myself needing when I wanted to create Community Analytics Reports, filtered on a certain set of communities (we're using lots of Experience Definitions, so since that wasn't an option to filter on, I figured I'd create an Analytics Report that just filtered on all communities within each Experience Definition).

Problem is, Analytics 2.1 has a bug that prevents you from browsing and selecting multiple communities in a folder. So when trying to configure a Community Traffic Report and using the Browse button here:


... you just got this when navigating to a folder with a bunch of communities in it:


The standard BEA (Oracle?) party line is that this bug is fixed in Analytics 2.5 (which I'm sure it is), and to just search for communities here.  But unfortunately 2.5 only works with the 6.5 portal, and many of you aren't ready to make that move (drop us a line when you are!).

Fortunately, there's a (relatively) easy fix after the jump!

The problem lies in a couple of PT Tags (search for "CommunityMode") in some simple JSP pages in the ptanalytics2.1webappanalytics.war file. Steps to repair the files are below:

  1. Stop the "BEA AL Analytics" Service (no need to stop the Collector, so you're not going to lose any data!).
  2. Open the analytics.war file in Winzip
  3. Extract the community_response_time_admin.jsp and community_traffic_admin.jsp (maybe others, but this example will get you started) to the C: drive and make sure you check the box to use path information. You can use another drive letter, but it needs to be in the root, with the files landing in C:uiappadmin.
  4. Edit the files and find that tag that starts with:

    <pt:tree xmlns:pt=''

    ... and change it to:

    <pt:standard.tree xmlns:pt=''

  5. Now back in Winzip, click "Add", and find the files again, making sure you have the "Use Full Path Info" selected (this is why it's important to extract to the root, so that the .war file has the right path information in it to replace the existing files)
  6. Just to be safe, delete the cached files in %PORTAL_HOME%commoncontainertomcat5.0.28workAnalyticslocalhostanalytics
  7. Restart the service and you should be good to go. It worked for me:


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