Smart Quotes in Published Content

If you've ever had Content Managers who produce content by cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word, chances are you've has problems with Smart Quotes or other characters that end up looking bizarre when they're presented in the portal:

This problem is due to the character encoding of the published content, which basically is the mapping of binary information to a specific readable character. As you already know, the ALUI Portal makes a request to a Published Content server to retrieve the HTML used for content in various portlets. The problem with smart quotes and other non-standard characters like this (technical details aside) is that the default character encoding doesn't include these characters.

The solution is simple: In your presentation templates, you have to specifically set the character set to UTF-8; this character set DOES have those unconventional characters used by Word. Notice that in Publisher, if you're creating News or Announcement portlets, this has already been done for you in the Presentation Template, so you're only likely to see this problem with custom templates.

In order to tell the portal what character set your content is using, just add this line to the top of your presentation template:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

... And that should do it. The same content used above now displays those characters properly:


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